Work From Home – Work From Cottage

Muskoka View

Years ago when my wife and I made the move permanently to Muskoka, her career with a Toronto based company was accommodated with a work-from-home set up. With the recent COVID-19 situation, many are trying to figure out how to accommodate remote work at the cottage too.

Finding a quiet reserved space at our home was the challenge. The solution? A 4 season office bunkie. We used a 10×10 loft design to avoid the need for a permit, added spray foam insulation, heat and a portable AC unit for those hot summer days.

Five years later, she certainly is the envy of her colleagues. It is great to have a separate building to “go to work” free from the distractions and noise. What could be better than having that lake side view while on that zoom call with her clients? And then leaving it all behind after work and heading to the dock for a boat ride? Remote work at the cottage is a dream (an achievable one, at that). 

As a multi-use space, the office bunkie accommodates overflow guests on weekends as a traditional bunk house does. Everyone wants to stay in the bunkie – the private cozy escape.

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